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Eye Exams

Navigate the future with brighter, healthier eyes.

Eye Exams

At Altitude Eye Care, we treat your eyes with the loving care and attention they deserve. As one of the leading optometrist teams in the Denver area, we use cutting-edge technology to check your eyes inside and out. Young or old, our comprehensive eye exams thoroughly evaluate the health of your eyes so we can determine the best course of action for you and your vision care needs.

Optomap® Retinal Exam

A quick and comfortable exam, this advanced technology scans your entire retina with a laser while eyes remain undilated. The recorded digital images allow us to detect early signs of eye disease.

Cirrus™ HD-OCT Retinal Exam

A non-invasive exam, this high definition technology uses a rapid scan to view layers within your retina. As part of your regular eye exam, we can screen and monitor eye diseases such as glaucoma.

Corneal Topography

A measurement of the curvature of the cornea, this procedure produces various color-coded maps that provide information to identify astigmatism, monitor the progression of keratoconus, or aid in fitting contact lenses.


Clarifye builds on AccuExam’s successes, and incorporates advanced technology into a streamlined and informative exam process. You’ll come out of your Clarifye exam with a new understanding of your eyes, insight into your overall health, and confidence that you’re seeing your very best.

Visual Field Testing

Visual field testing is used to detect deficiencies in peripheral and central vision, aiding our optometrists in the earlier detection and treatment of many conditions.   OCULUS Easyfield automated perimetry is the most common method of visual field testing in our office, and visual field testing is a part of every routine vision examination.

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